Joel Johnson

Broker, COMM


Windermere Real Estate/North, Inc.

4211 Alderwood Mall Blvd Suite 110

Lynnwood, WA 9026

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Office: (425) 776-1119

Mobile: (425) 248-1105

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Website: http://www.buynwrealestate.com


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Residential, Investment & Commercial Real Estate Broker

As a new home builder in the 80's, a commercial construction project manager/designer for over 25 years, an expert witness for a construction attorney, a consultant to Boeing for interior design and property management, Joel has attained an unparalleled and broad experience base to give you successful representation most importantly including his 8 years in residential and commercial real estate sales.

What does this mean to you?

Quite frankly nothing...Unless I LISTEN to you and understand your wants, needs and long-term goals. The earlier we can get together and help you to build and/or implement a plan that ensures success in all of your real estate transactions, the earlier you can take control to improve your lifestyle. My aim is to create as stress-free of an experience as possible and empower you to make sound decisions by providing education, regional and local market knowledge, current statistics, marketing strategies and follow-through with every part of the process, not commencing with the closing of a single transaction, but continuing through all of your lifestyle changes.

I represent you.

With my experience and quick access to the very best experts the industry has to offer, I can assist you in comparing properties in your price range and area of interest, prepare your property for sale, or research the records and statistics. I will provide referrals to the professionals I know and trust, who can seek financing and financial advice, provide business planning consultation, construction management and legal representation. The timely access to these resources increases your position above all others you may compete against and ensure confidence in preparing for quick decisions.


Windermere Community Service, Edmonds School District, Chamber of Commerce.