Jim & Judy Hopper

Managing Broker, GRI, CRS, SRES, IMS, CSP


Windermere Real Estate/North, Inc.

4211 Alderwood Mall Blvd Suite 110

Lynnwood, WA 98037

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Office: (425) 776-1119

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Website: http://northwestrealestate.com


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About Jim & Judy hopper

Residential real estate is our passion, and our love for the field has kept us at the top of our game for 20+ years. Key to our success is that only one measurement matters to us: client satisfaction. And that single-minded focus works! It gives us a real thrill to know that our past clients continue to honor us: we've now been awarded Seattle Magazine's 5-Star Rating for Client Satisfaction ten times. And we're committed to delivering the same stellar, successful service that will help your real estate transaction be as profitable and painless as possible (and if we happen to up our tally to eleven wins, then we all walk away winners)! If you are considering using our services and you want to know more about us, this is the page for you. Here we'll talk about how we work with clients, our experience and credentials, and some of our interests outside of real estate. We'll also include some handwritten client testimonials.

How We Work

Buying and selling real estate can be overwhelming and stressful to both the buyers and sellers. It's our desire to do more than just achieve a successful transaction: we want to make that transaction as simple, straightforward and satisfying as possible. Here's how we do that. • We Guarantee Top-Notch Communications. We ourselves have had the experience of working with real estate “pros” who start off strong … and then just disappear. We report to sellers at least once a week, while buyers are notified every time a home comes on the market that fits their criteria. We always return phone calls, emails and text messages promptly. • We Make the Home Selection Process Easier and Less Stressful. We're pretty savvy to fitting people and properties together, and we utilize tools that assist us. Bottom line: we do everything we can to ease the burden of difficult decision-making. • We Ask the Right Questions. We're successful in simplifying the home selection process in part because we never to assume anything about a client's goals. We can help you explore and articulate your needs, but ultimately you're in charge of this collaborative process. • We Aim For No Surprises. First, we communicate clearly in advance what the process will involve and what may be required from you. Second, we have hands-on experience designing, building and remodeling homes, so we know how to do most home repairs and what the true costs are likely to be. • We Keep It Fun and Exciting. The buying/shopping process is already stressful enough; knowing the histories and eccentricities of most of the neighborhoods in the area means we can incorporate some fun discovery and exploration into the process. Plus, we use a tool that will help you know when you have found the right home for you. • We Always Provide Something Extra. For us, this means we find ways to do more than what is expected. It also means bringing extra value to the table; for example, you will learn negotiating strategies that will work for anything, not just real estate

Client Testimonials

If you would like to see what our clients thought about our service you can visit our LinkedIn page. Just search for Jim Hopper CRS we will probably be the top five or six results on the first page that is shown and there our clients can tell you in their own words what it was like to work with us.

Experience & Credentials

We are most proud of our repeated wins from Seattle Magazine's 5 Star Rating for Client Satisfaction award, because it's our clients who have honored us. Each of our 10 award represents a different set of clients, which lets you know that you can expect consistently high overall satisfaction. (Click here to read about their selection process) Our dedication to success and a great client experience is matched by 20+ years of residential real estate experience. You can trust that not much will come up that we haven't encountered before. Plus, you'll be able to tap into our extensive network of contractors, roofers, electricians, legal resources, tax advisors, and more. Encarta says: “Paper qualifications are no substitute for real-life experience.” That has never been truer than in real estate, where you don’t want to be part of someone’s “learning curve”. Judy's Education Judy was licensed as a registered nurse for almost 25 years and has earned the highest designations available for full time professionals in real estate, "CRS." Plus, she has earned the designation “specializes on the needs of seniors.” Jim's Education Jim earned a BA degree in Marketing & Economics from The University of Puget Sound and has also taken every graduate level course in “Real Estate Investing” that Seattle Pacific University offered. He also has earned the highest designations in real estate "CRS". Hobbies Judy's hobbies are first the grand kids (we have been blessed with 5) and then traveling and exploring. Jim's hobbies include fly fishing, golf, traveling to fly fish or golf, restoring antique cars,